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Hindus Persecute New Christians (Jan 01)

Another story of Christian persecution is related below. This village church was planted following the evangelism r eported in our news item of 23rd Nov 2015 (Two New Churches in India).When we heard this story we immediately sent funds to dig a well for these new followers of Jesus.

Pastor Joshua wrote, "The village panchayat leader who is a Hindu objected to a Sunday Service and also they put a barricade and wrote an amendment that they are not allowed to take water near the borewell and also the river. we can approach the police station and file a case, but this is not our objective now as this is a long process in our areas and even the police people are Hindus.

Now there are 65 families who came to Jesus here in this village and desperately they need water and the intention of pagans is to bring them back to Hinduism. But we together have to show the love of Jesus urgently by digging our own borewell there which we always do in villages where we plant churches. But this critical village now needs the physical waters of salvation. Please we humbly request you to please see this need fulfilled otherwise the families will die due to water and this we cannot let happen to these new believers in Christ.


Photo: Hindus Persecute New Christians (Jan 01)