Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Children's Home Suffers Harassment

There is an ever increasing number of reports of Hindu persecution of Christians as we have previously reported with regard the Starfish Churches. More distressing still is when this is against children. Yet this is the latest report coming from Hope Children's Home supported by Starfish Christian Trust.

The building is rented by the Children's Home and the Hindu owner is trying to evict them. There are still several years on the lease and Pastor Joshua is trying hard to save funds to buy property to give the children security. The latest harassment by the owner was to remove the pump that pumps water from the mains and is used for washing and all domestic needs. Thankfully, the children have bottled water for drinking. Without the pump the children have had to go to a communal stand-pipe with heavy containers.

A gift from one of our supporters has enabled Starfish to send funds to purchase a new pump that Pastor Joshua has advised has been purchased and installed today. (29th July). The health of the children has been safeguarded


Photo: Children's Home Suffers Harassment