Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

'Making Nets' in Conakry

When our missionary friend, Nicolas Thebault, recently wrote to us from Conakry in Guinea we were moved by the struggle he often feels in this difficult area. Having survived the difficulties of the Ebola outbreak in Guinea, the return to something of normality was not easy. We have been aware of his difficulties for some time and were happy to help in a small way.

He wrote to us 'I think that you might be interested in our latest project. We call it "Give me a Net Programme" We decided to use funds to help poor people to "buy net to catch fish "rather than to buy them fish to eat.

We have helped people in terrible situations for example, a lady with 3 children who found herself in the street. We have helped people with medical needs too. We help very poor families to send their children to school.

We decided not to just give money but to accompany the people we were helping with pastoral and if possible business help."


Photo: 'Making Nets' in Conakry