Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Update on the 9 y.o. raped girl (18/5)

Pastor Joshua writes, "Thanks for your support for the child and we thank the trustees of both trusts who has been helpful at the critical time. (with Wilberforce Two Trust). However the on-going medications will be needed for the girl."

"If there is any support you can give here and any funds are available please help this child."

"Now the parents are coming out of the shock and we asked them if they would like to hand over the girl to our Hope Children's Home, but they said as she and the parents will need to go for the trial in the court over the next months year, but after this if the child agrees to study and come to us they would admit the her in our orphanage."

"Now the parents have no means survival. The father is an auto rickshaw puller and the mother looks after cattle. We have no means of support from anywhere else but we did get 250 to help him to repair his home. We would like to help him to purchase an auto rickshaw if we can get some support. The family are truly thankful for your support."

"Starfish, what you have done is very great and your generous support has truly helped. If you are able to help in whatever you can it would be a great outcome for this family to come out of this great poverty which was created by the riots and the bad people."

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