Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Four Young Teenage Girls Rescued From Prostitution

Over the last few months we have been privileged at Starfish Christian Trust to see the rescue of four girls who were sold by their parents into prostitution in India. This is great news but as always is a very tiny tip of a huge iceberg. The sale of children is to some, especially in the West, difficult to understand but when you are part of the Christian community it is almost impossible to get work, and there is no education or ability to afford family planning and families are large. Parents are often deceived into thinking that their children will be cared for and the money they receive helps them to look after the rest of their family. This is very rarely the case.

For security reasons and to protect the girl’s self-esteem we have chosen not to put any pictures on to our website. We have received full reports from Pastor Joshua and are satisfied that they are now safe, well cared for and receiving both medical care and education. The good news is that we know for sure that two of the girls have become Christians as a result of the rescue and are asking to be baptised. An extract from letters that they have sent is copied below…

“We do not know who you are all, but God has sent you as angels to secure and save our lives from prostitution. We had a better life now because of your love and support, otherwise we want to commit suicide.”

“Jesus heard our prayers and brought the funds from the world we do not even know and although nobody cared for us, Jesus moved the hearts of you and saved our lives from prostitution. We are now secure and we have given our lives to Jesus and we would be baptized soon and we would go to the Hope Church and we will be always thankful to you in all our lives and I hope my letter reaches you as this is my heart to you all. God will bless you abundantly for saving us in India.”

Please pray for these girls and for others that we have not yet rescued. Thank you for your partnership.