Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Tears as five boys rescued from slavery

Pastor Joshua in his report on the rescue writes.

"We are truly thankful to the trustees for rescuing these five innocent children from bonded labour and slavery. The children are so happy and they have better lives now but they need some medical attention and hope that the Lord would provide the funds for this.

"The boys are so happy and delighted to get their basic supplies of school bags and the bucket (for ablutions?) and mug for joining the home and we always see that we save these children to win them for Christ.

"One boy named, Tantati Srinivas, cried in happiness and all the boys hugged him and they are all so happy and they never thought they would get a better place to live in their lives. But Jesus moved the hearts of the donors of Starfish Christian Trust to help these innocent children.

"We send our love and greetings to the trustees and all donors and assure that you are all in our prayers for you. Please be praying that we would do more rescues and save more children as we always follow the Starfish Principle, save one life at a time."


Photo: Tears as five boys rescued from slavery