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5 Teen Boys Set Free

We are again so pleased to report that another five young lives have been rescued from the bondage of slavery in India.

It may seem like just another story of rescue but I do hope you do not read it that way. Every life rescued from physical bondage is an individual life story. The name of each one is listed in the PDF which can be linked to below. Please pray for them.

I hope you will never tire of hearing these stories. Not only are the people that we rescue saved from physical bondage but they are all brought within the sound of the wonderful Gospel of salvation found only in Jesus Christ. What better story could be told?

As you read the attached report you will see that there are always ongoing medical needs which we are committed to provide. The doctor who works with Hope Ministries so generously donates. On this occasion it is the good doctor who has also found another 10 children in need of rescue. The need is ever ongoing.

The media reports that charitable giving is down in these strange days in which we live and I would urge you to please, if you are able, help us to help yet another 10 loved ones who need our support.

PDF: 5 Teen Boys Set Free


Photo: 5 Teen Boys Set Free