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Healing and thanksgiving from the Philippines

Pastor Eunice Grace write the following... be encouraged!

"God is a shelter a refuge when we are afraid. He is our protector who carries us through all the dangers and fears of life.

"There are many things I must thank the Lord for this month. Glory to God for the HEALING HE GAVE TO MY BROTHER EUGIE LOU AND OUR TWO CO-WORKERS. Thank God for the strength and comfort through all this trials. Also I thank God for the whole 14 days of lockdown He shew to us his faithfulness and provision. And now our lockdown Is lifted we can now go out return to our work at the church. I am so glad and grateful to God.

"God's protection in the midst of danger is very appreciated and we are thankful. Our place is already dangerous because of the rampant positive case. God doesn't promise a world free from danger but he does promise his help wherever we face danger. I am always reminded by Psalm 91. He will rescue those who love him and protect those who trust in his name. The unconditional love of God and his greatness encourage me always. Glory to his name."


Photo: Healing and thanksgiving from the Philippines