Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Brother has virus but work goes on.

This is why we are happy to support Pastor Eunice Grace. She is a fine example of Christian sacrifice. Her brother has been diagnosed with the accursed virus but she writes

"God is good all the time...

"In spite of what happening to our brethren and also to my brother the work must continue. We are always victorious and God already gave the healing.

"I also thank God that there are many kind people who are willing to stretch there help to us. Although, we can't able to see them but there are people who never hesitate to pray and shared there blessings by sending food, fruits and in kinds to them as well as to my brother.

"The condition of my brother Eugie Lou is not good but still God is good and faithful to his promise. He is our comforter and provider. God will never abandon us.

"I encourage my self to be still and fight the good fight of faith I know that God is here. After we had our children evangelism and Bible studies I go home quickly because my mind is always to my brother Eugie Lou, I can't stop worrying, I know it is not good but I keep reminding my self to give always to God my heavy laden.. God save us...God will bless us and keep his eyes to us and always have mercy on us."

When you are supporting Starfish, you know you are supporting real people! Thankyou. Please continue to help.


Photo: Brother has virus but work goes on.