Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

8 More Successful Rescues (01 08)

Once again, we are happy to report that we have achieved another successful rescue of eight young children from the evil of bonded labour and slavery. We could not fail to respond when Pastor Joshua wrote

"A group of wicked men has purchased eight innocent children who are orphans as the parents died of COVID 19. These children are put in barren factories and are making cigars, cigarettes and beedis (cheap home-rolled cigarettes). They have heavy targets to reach with their innocent hands.

Thanks to the continued generosity of our supporters we have now effected the rescue of all eight children. Because some children in the Hope Children's Home are now of an age to move on, we will be able to accommodate all of these 8 children in the home.

A full report of the rescue is attached to the PDF button below

PDF: 8 More Successful Rescues (01 08)


Photo: 8 More Successful Rescues (01 08)