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An Easter Treat for Kenyan Orphans

In the West, we take so much for granted. One of the greatest things for most of us is a loving family and a secure home. Around the world there are so many children living as orphans and it is thanks to many who are prepared to work to help these children. Some take them into their homes and others build and run an orphanage.

Bishop Julius Abungana is one such man. It has been our privilege to help him a little from time to time by supplying an occasional ‘treat’ for the orphans in his care. It may seem a little but a good meal of chicken washed down with a bottle of soda is a reminder not only of the love of others but also of the love of Jesus.

I remember being in a village church at Christmas and the children were all given a gift from the church of simply one biscuit. Their faces did not show disappointment as most of our children’s would but a genuine smile of gratitude was on most of their faces.

it may seem something small to us but when you have nothing even something small becomes big.


Photo: An Easter Treat for Kenyan Orphans