Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Matresses for 30 deaf children - 6th Feb

When Bishop Abungana from Kakamega, Kenya contacted us and asked us to pray for children in an orphanage for deaf children, Starfish Christian Trust who were pleased to be able to do much more.

The Bishop advised us that out of 70 children, 30 of them had no mattresses and was sleeping on the floor. He did not make a direct appeal for funds but the heart of the trustees was touched and we were happy to be able to provide funds for the mattresses to be purchased for the children.

So many of us take so much for granted and we would find it especially difficult to have to sleep on the floor for even one night. Just a small amount of funds has improved the quality of life for these children, even if only in a small way.

To those of you who continue to support Starfish Christian Trust so faithfully we give you hearty thanks... Remember our Starfish Principle? One life at a time