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Cov-19 so difficult in Uvira Congo (10/20)

Whilst the accursed virus is bringing great inconvenience to our lives, we are receiving reports from many places as how people in developing countries are affected in even greater ways. Not least of those struggling in these challenging times is Pastor Jeremiah in Uvira, DR Congo. He has recently written as follows:

"Since the churches were unlocked we are seeing God's hand in the services and people are responding to the gospel. The biggest challenges we have is the border with Burundi and DRC. It is still locked and this makes life to be very hard as we depend on Burundi and Tanzania here in Uvira. Please keep us in your prayers."

We at Starfish are praying for this lifeline across the border to be opened soon. We are wanting to send financial support to Pastor Jeremiah but until he can reach the bank in Bujumbura our hands are tied.

Please pray for Pastor Jeremiah and all those in developing countries who are experiencing extreme hardship because of this virus. They do not have the financial backup that we are having here from governments.