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Old Collections Bring Freedom to Slave Families (Sep 21)

In the last couple of months, Starfish Christian Trust has been given collections of coins, stamps and old postcards to help raise funds to release slaves from the brick kilns in Pakistan. The value of these collections will, in time, as their value is realised enable a possible 10 more families to find freedom. We are endeavouring to obtain the best possible prices and therefore many items will be sold individually but in time the funds will be released.

It has occurred to me that many of us have old collections, maybe in the attic or garage that we never look at and are just collecting dust. These dusty old collections could be donated to Starfish Christian Trust and their value converted into freedom for slaves.

Please e-mail me at if you have a collection to donate.

I am currently in USA and would be happy to receive collections while I am here. (+1 618-707-9680)

You may be able to make a difference to another family.


Photo: Old Collections Bring Freedom to Slave Families (Sep 21)