Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

An Easy price to pay for freedom

About three weeks ago I received a request from Pastor Joshua concerning the rescue of 10 boys in need of rescue. At that time we did not have sufficient funds as we had only recently rescued five girls out of prostitution. It always saddens me when we are not in a position to rescue some of these young people, not just out of slavery but into a knowledge of salvation in our dear Lord Jesus Christ. At that time, Pastor Joshua wrote,

"While doing these evangelization, we found 10 children selling the ink bottle slots and we asked one boy what is that, and we are amazed to hear that it is not an ink bottle, but a type of drug which spoils the lives of thousands, and there is a drug mafia leader and a mob which allows these children to sell them and they make money and these boys are forced to sleep on the platforms in the nights and bus station shelters and the dormitory platforms and public lavatory halls. I am very surprised and we followed up for a couple of days to find out this bloody person, and he is also a drug addict and he has an ugly face, not to mention his name,

I asked him how he got these children and he told me that he purchased them for 50,000 rupees each from the parents, this is too much, I do not understand why parents sell these innocent lives for only this much cost and spoil their lives. Once these boys grow big they become thieves, gang leaders, druggists, criminals, dacoits. It is very bad on the parents part to do such type of things. And we told them that is very illegal and he is not at all scared of what we are saying, but we tried to tell him about Jesus, but he heard and it is good that we have given him a bible which we know he might read it or not, but he told us he can free the children if he gets all the money. We asked him first to release freely as he had enough suffering for them and told him we want to give them a better life. But all our negotiations failed as he is very risky and we have found this man in police station that he has a criminal record of 3 murders, and also facing many other charges, and his mob acts when he often goes to jail and gets the bail. So I asked him in Jesus love and he agreed to release each boy at 35,000 rupees. It is very cheap to give a child a better life. It costs 3,50,000 rupees to free 10 boys. Pastor Joshua has since first writing raised about 50,000 rupees.

I am delighted to say we have been able to take this request off-the-shelf and I have today sent 3200 to rescue these boys. I have attached a copy of the initial report/request that Pastor Joshua sent.

As always, we are in need of boosting our funds, and as Pastor Joshua wrote that 320 (US$420) is very cheap to give a child a better life. Therefore, whilst sharing such good news with you I would also ask if you would be prepared to assist once again with the rescue of these boys. It would be fabulous if 10 of you were able to give 320 but any donation will be well invested. Even an IOU 's a potential investment. Starfish Christian Trust ensures that every penny given towards a particular cause goes to walls the cause for which it is given and any donation you make a in this appeal will go towards the rescue of slaves.

PDF: An Easy price to pay for freedom