Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Spectacular Rescues in India

Whilst in India we heard of 5 children that had been sold by their parents into slavery in a ceramics factory. We were extremely angry and tried unsuccessfully to meet with the owner. We wrote him a letter advising him that he had incurred the wrath of the Living God for his exploitation and that he could only turn away this self-imposed curse by handing the children over to Hope Ministries Orphanage in Jangareddygudem.

We have just received confirmation that the children have indeed been given into the care of the orphanage and we have sent some money to cover initial costs of settling them with clothes, and other necessities. Pastor Joshua advises me that the owner said 'he will try and change his attitude and will never again 'employ' slaves in his factory or business.' Please pray that this man further repents and finds salvation in the Lord Jesus. Pastor Joshua is to approach the school attended by the other orphans and get them enrolled in what he calls 'the drop-out scheme!'

Through Starfish Christian Trust we are sponsoring 9 of the 32 children in the Hope Ministries Orphanage and sponsors are needed still. We would dearly love to find sponsors quickly for the five new children. (Two sponsors have already been found!) The cost of sponsorship for each child is 20 a month (US$ 25) and we appeal to you to find a little room in your budget. Maybe your church might like to sponsor. If you cannot afford to fully sponsor, even part sponsorship will be of great assistance. Please e-mail if you are able to help.(

Regardless, please rejoice with us that five helpless, innocent children have found freedom. A Christmas gift to them from Starfish Christian Trust. We continue to work to change one life at a time.


Photo: Spectacular Rescues in India