Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

The CBO in Kenya is Growing Well

Good news about the Community Based Organisation that Starfish Christian Trust has been supporting since its inception. It was brought to our attention by Bishop Julius that there was a noticeable increase in suicides and depression in these days. He had a vision for a project to find and work with some of these people in Kakamega, Kenya.

He has been achieving excellent results, even to the point of receiving a certificate of recognition from the local Government Authorities. He has reported to us and that he has been able to add two more people to the Community with funds sent by Starfish

One member is a young lady of 34yrs who dropped out of school due to school fees after losing both parents. She has been on the streets of Mumias and Kakamega on prostitution. It was so hard for her to receive Jesus as Lord but after two days praying with her she gave her life to the Lord and now she sells groceries, green vegetables and fruits.

The other one who joined the CBO is a young man of 32 yrs old. He has been a well known gang member in the village stealing by force. When we prayed for him he only said he is not happy with life and even what he is doing is because he has no other means for his upkeep. He gave his life to the Lord and told the CBO members that he is a motor bike mechanic and if he can get the tools he will be OK so the CBO bought for him the motor bike tools and we are believing God for a change in him

"On behalf of the CBO members," wrote Bishop Julius, I want to say thank you so much for empowering the CBO members towards better living and improving their lives that now they can cope with situations and can be able to put food on the table for their families which gives them a positive view of their future."

"Kenya ranks sixth in Africa for the number of people with depression so we don't take your help lightly. We have every reason to give to God all the praise!"


Photo: The CBO in Kenya is Growing Well