Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Busia School Sponsorship Improves Standards (Dec 12)

Dirakho, is a village in Busia, Kenya, close to the Ugandan border. It is a village that has been ravaged by deaths due to HIV/AIDS. More than half of the children are orphans as a result and the village is very poor.

The Lord's Ministry, our partner in Kenya has a church and a school in Dirakho. On a recent visit, we discovered that there were six teachers in the school and none of them were being paid. They had no other employment and so volunteered to teach free of charge.

Starfish Christian Trust has been making small but regular monthly payments to give the teachers something for their labour. Each child at least gets a meal of porridge every day supplied by The Lord's Ministry. (Probably the only meal some children get all day!)

Steve Wanjala writes about the school, "I do appreciate for the continual support towards our school. It has really helped to make sure we improve on our standards in the teaching and the teachers comfort when teaching." One of the classes is pictured.

There is an opportunity to help us increase the support we can send to improve the school and the lives of the children. Please contact us. The contact details are on our website


Photo: Busia School Sponsorship Improves Standards (Dec 12)