Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Busia, Kenya - A potential new project

In October our administrator first visited Mulwanda, Busia in Kenya to a church community that had just been established. It was a poor area, dry and dusty and famine was often spoken about. Life was a struggle and as is the case in most remote rural areas of Africa HIV/AIDS was rampant.

A return visit to this remote part in March this year found the community surviving and still struggling. About 8 of the original members were still at the church which has grown in number. With the help of The Lord's Ministry (TLM) the community is slowly improving. A well has been dug by TLM and clean water is reducing disease. About 54% of the children have lost one or both parents through HIV/AIDS. Many are now being cared for by grandparents and many orphans are now in the care of TLM orphanage in Bungoma district.

The picture is the school which has also been built and around 250 children are there for education. Those few which can pay a little do so and just enough money is found to see that it child gets a lunch-time meal of porridge - for some the only meal of the day.

There are six young teachers at the school and for the most part the are not paid. There simply is not enough money to pay them. They are dedicated and continue to teach as they have no prospect of any other employment.

At Starfish Christian Trust we are looking to support these teachers so they are able to better teach the children. It is not a large sum each month and we hope to be able to do this from our general funds soon. If you would like to help, with either a one-off gift or a regular payment we would be please to hear from you.

It is the 'Starfish Principle'. One life at a time.


Photo: Busia, Kenya - A potential new project