Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Good Progress in Burundi

Our administrator is currently in Burundi and sent back this encouraging report.

We went today to Nyakazi close to the border of Tanzania where the returning refugees have been literally dumped by the UN. They were resettled in an area that none of them knew and the soil is fairly non-productive. It was great to go back again to these lovely Christian people and to see the beginnings of the fruit of the support Starfish Christian Trust has given and to see how slowly some of them are beginning to prosper.

We set up a ‘micro-finance’ scheme for 20 of them about 8 months ago and we visited some of the recipients. They are doing really well and able to sell their produce and support their families. With loan repayments, another six set up a small cooperative and are really growing a small enterprise business.

With the help of Labor of Love Church in Robinson, USA, it looks as if we will be able to donate enough bricks for them to build a permanent church. When I was there last year they had a small 'mud and wattle' church which blew down in bad weather. They have replaced it with split bamboo type canes which will not take much to blow down again. Some of the returning refugees are making bricks from the soil and baking them in kilns and selling them. We should have enough funds to buy bricks to build the church to roof level and they will complete it from there! It will also give business to the brick makers.

I was also able to distribute Bibles from another donation from a friend in America. We have been able to purchase 62 bibles in Kirundi, their native tongue. Not all can read, but all those in the church who can read were given a bible. I have pictures which


Photo: Good Progress in Burundi