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Letter from Burundi Highlights Problems Being Faced

Trouble has hit Burundi once again. Violence has broken out as the President seeks an unconstitutional 3 term. Several have been killed and people are again fleeing there homes. This letter from Bishop Joseph in Gitega highlights the situation

"Here as I recently told you, we are living in high fear but God is able to calm all things.

During the attempt of the Coup d'Etat, many people fled to the neighbouring countries - even our Christians. 47 from Nyakazi went to Tanzania. After the Coup d'Etat failure, things are becoming slowly better but violent manifestations are still there especially in some corners of Bujumbura. Many people are leaving from Bujumbura to up country where they are more secure. Here in Gitega they are many from Bujumbura. Now in my house we are 19. Comestible things are very expensive.

God loves Burundi and Burundians, we are praying and there is Hope that things will be normalized. So, please join us in prayer."

The reference to Nyakazi is of relevance to Starfish. We reported earlier this year of the progress being made among the returning refugees. Some have again fled into Tanzania. Please pray that the small businesses that many have started will not be lost.


Photo: Letter from Burundi Highlights Problems Being Faced