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Burundi Struggles (Feb 17)

Life in Burundi is far from easy. It is one of the five poorest nations in the world - largely ignored by the West. Bishop Joseph Ruvugana wrote to us recently and here is an extract from his letter...

"Briefly, here in Burundi, all things are average, peace seems to be here but some rebel attacks are observed in some areas of the country. Bad rain in some parts of the country is destroying infrastructures and crops while in other parts drought is ravaging everything. Apart from those contradictory seasons, there are also some ants which have attacked corn and trees.

"In addition to the above, malaria and other unknown sicknesses are killing many people because they do not eat well. Their body soldiers (immune systems!) are very vulnerable and weak. Even though they take drugs without having something to eat, healing is rare.

"Due to the financial crisis, things are very expensive while the purchasing power is very low. In general we are living in a confusing situation which needs powerful prayers but, there is hope because Jesus is the answer of all things. So our eyes are stretched to God.

"Pray for us and for our country."


Photo: Burundi Struggles (Feb 17)