Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Our struggling friends in Burundi

The struggles of life in Burundi continue. A country listed as being in the five poorest countries in the world. Her Bishop Joseph Ruvungana works tirelessly with meagre resources to build the Kingdom of God. Recently bad weather destroyed one of his temporary structures that are used as church buildings. He wrote:

‘On Friday at 11am a violent wind has destroyed and taken away one part of our temporary church that was covered by tents. For now members do not have anywhere to worship and it is In raining season. We are trying to hold fund raising so that we may have 2,200,000 fbu money (approx. £900) then rebuild another temporary building with second-hand iron sheets instead of tents while waiting for the future permanent construction which will be very costly. So, please pray for us so that God may provide money for that church. Maybe it was destroyed so that we may build a stronger one than the first.’

Starfish Christian Trust was happy to send some funds to enable emergency repairs to be carried out. However, we are appealing for funds to enable a more solid (but still temporary) building by supplying iron sheet for roofing.


Photo: Our struggling friends in Burundi