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New Well Sunk in Persecuted Village

It is not unusual for us to get details from India of the persecution of Christians. News stories are flowing about militancy in the Government and how the Hindu majority are now encouraging the persecution and eradication of Christianity in the country.

At Starfish Christian Trust we get regular news of how they are suffering as part of this persecution effort. We have been supporting several ministries in India over the years and are sadden when we learn of this. Recently, we heard that another new Christian community that we support has been barred from using the local well in the hope that the Christians will revert to their Hindu past.

To help them, we recently sent out funds to enable a new well to be sunk. This has now happened and the Christians have access to clean water once again. The well is not simply for use by the Christian community but the clean water is available to all.


Photo: New Well Sunk in Persecuted Village