Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Beginning of Birth Pains!

With this accursed virus that has been set loose on the world it does not take much imagination to consider that the days that we are living in could be what Jesus described as the beginning of birth pains before the final events at the end of the age. We may not be living in The Tribulation of Revelation 6 and onward but for sure the world is going through a tribulation.

Pastor Joshua in India writes, "We have no electricity for almost 19 hours due to waters flooded even in Rajahmundry and trees fallen and the poles broken down. For the last week there is a heavy downpour of rain and the cyclone crossed near the Kakinada Port of Coastal Andhra Pradesh. Still it is raining and the roads are filled up with water keep praying for our Starfish Churches as once again there is a heavy loss to the families, they are facing attack after attack. We need your strong prayers."

Sister Eunice Grace in the Philippines writes, " Our people was panicked for what happened in our village. There is possibility that we will have a lockdown again. It is hard and difficult for us. Our life becomes more and more difficult because of this unseen enemy. Even how aware and careful we are, this demonic virus will still attack unseen and unknown. One of our neighbours has been tested and we await the result. We just overcame the strong typhoon, we are still recovering from the damage it caused and now we are treated again by this kind of virus. Please include us in your prayers that this our neighbours will test negative so that we will not have a lockdown again we can continue to work and go out."

Bishop Julius in Kakamega, Kenya writes, "Please continue in prayers for us and mostly due to the coming elections. We have already lost two lives and we pray that no more will be lost in Jesus name. Also, the schools are opening but all parents say they are not ready. Because of poverty, most of them have not prepared for their kids to go to school as they have no school fees etc for the children and most children are still at home."

Let me pick out some words from the electricity; flooded; cyclone; loss; attack; panicked; lockdown; virus; typhoon; damage; elections; lives lost; poverty!

A time of tribulation? Judge for yourselves!

No pictures - just prayer request and financial help if you feel able.