Starfish Christian Trust: Street children


Having signed an agreement to release slaves from the 12 kilns, the owner has betrayed the agreement. As Pastor Moses and his team have been going to the 12 kilns to collect the families the owner has transferred many of the families to other kilns that he owns. It seems as though the opportunity to rescue the 200 families can only be achieved with the help of the Assistant Commissioner. Pastor Moses is going today to talk with him to plead on behalf of these families.

The opportunity to rescue the 584 families may now have passed but we are working to rescue as many as possible before the door closes on us.

PLEASE PRAY for Pastor Moses as he meets with the AC.

To those who have given, a very big thank you. Your funds have been spent and we continue to guarantee that every penny given will be spent on slave rescue. We are still in need of funds for this purpose. I hope to be able to send pictures and video of the rescue in due course.