Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Floods in DR Congo

With so much trouble and tribulation in the world at this time it is easy to overlook the struggles that people in smaller countries experience. We have known Pastor Jeremiah for very many years and he has always worked tirelessly, first as a refugee in Nairobi and then back home in Uvira, DR Congo. As his country recovers from the effects of the civil war, the infrastructure in the east of DR Congo where he lives in Uvira make life difficult.

When he wrote to us recently he was only asking for prayer and was not asking for financial assistance. But when we saw the destruction that inclement weather had brought to him we could only respond with a donation to help with restoration.

He simply wrote as follows… "The ministry of orphans is doing well and all the children are in good health. The church is growing. We have now here in Kimanga almost 300 church members. But as we have heavy rain, Uvira is experiencing inundation and many people remain homeless and lose everything. Please pray for us especially for our church - we need the His grace and His power.

It's the Starfish Principal at work. One life, one family, one community at a time!