Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

93 former slaves now experience freedom

Pastor Moses sent the following report to me on Friday 8th May 2015.

This morning we rescued 93 people. They were all taken to Catholic compound of Faisalabad. We had been informed that there were 120 people but in fact there were 93. Yesterday when we received urgent funds from Starfish Christian Trust for this Purpose we tried to arrange for an official to go with me but could not get one until today. We rescued all 93 slave people including kids, women , girls and old people.

I said to the owner “You have stopped your brick kiln business and you are trying to sell these people to some other place which is Illegal. These people are all Christians and as the head of the church I have come to rescue them all. You said that the debt of these people is $15000. We are giving you money for these people but we are not buying them from you as you.”

The owner took US$ 3400 after I argued with him. I chose one old man to give the money on behalf of these people.

We are taking pictures and videos and are feeding the people We will make a documentary and send you a full report.

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Photo: 93 former slaves now experience freedom