Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

The Starfish Work Continues (11/3)

Following the success of the two-day virtual crusade, Starfish is back to supporting those in need. We are already working to rescue six girls from backbreaking labour and sexual exploitation. We are also looking to provide clean water for a Christian community in an Indian village.

The six girls needing rescue are working intolerably in a business that is repairing tyres from large lorries and trucks. Their backbreaking work is to remove tyres without specialist equipment, just using tyre levers et cetera. If there is no work they are sent out to beg and I understand that three of the six girls are sent out at night for prostitution. We have committed to rescue these girls as soon as possible at a cost to the charity of 2250.

There is always a need for freshwater wells for the persecuted Christian communities in the Indian villages. Many times the Hindu population deny the Christians the use of the village well in the hope they will convert to Hinduism. We provide a freshwater well for use of the whole community and we often receive reports of Hindu families coming to Jesus as a result of the Christian love that is shown. Hope Ministries has raised a small amount and the balance of cost to the charity is 625.

As always it is only with your financial help that we are able to continue. You know our Starfish Principle that we cannot change the whole world but we can change one life, family or community at a time.


Photo: The Starfish Work Continues (11/3)