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More Wells for Persecuted Villagers

Those who follow Starfish will know that we are frequently asked to provide wells for villages in which the Christians are being persecuted. Such persecution is increasing since the government, from the president down, are working to see the eradication of Christianity in the whole of India. One way in which this is working out is that Christians are prevented from accessing clean water in many villages.

Over the years who we have been able to drill many wells and we recently received another request from India. We are happy to report that we have sent funds for two such wells to be drilled.

in addition to saving lives and providing clean water we do not limit the use of the new wells to the Christian community only. The Hindu villagers are also able to benefit. In this way we are also able to provide 'living water' as was promised by Jesus Christ. In this way we have received reports that many Hindus are receiving Him as their Saviour.