Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Kanakapuram Village Well

We reported that we had sent funds to rescue a complete village. A local paper company was polluting the river and groundwater causing much sickness and even some death. A new well has now been drilled and life and health is returning to the village. Pastor Joshua writes...

"When we approached the Starfish Christian Trust reporting that the villagers were suffering for water, they were kind enough to say ‘Yes’ immediately. God can move mountains according to His word, and we have seen this happen for this critical village which we have now saved as we have saved many villages with fresh living water. This is the first village which has been so very quickly supplied with funds from Starfish Christian Trust."

"The Pastors are truly thankful for the help for this critical village and we have saved 3000 families with fresh living water which also helps with hydration, hand washing, livelihood, and other means of survival...."

"The Pastor and the church of this village say special thank you for your hearts. We truly thank all the donors for helping us in the remote areas where we are able to save thousands of families with fresh living water by practically showing the love of Jesus. Over the years we have also saved many thousands of families with fresh living water through Starfish Christian Trust."

Another success story for the supporters of Starfish Christian Trust

PDF: Kanakapuram Village Well


Photo: Kanakapuram Village Well