Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Vulnerable Children Rehabilitated

“With your support we have been able to rescue young and vulnerable girls (and boys) from prostitution and forced marriages. In the past year our focus has been to link, encourage and provide life options rather than formal education.“

“We have been training in a variety of skills, mainly around administration and organisation. They have been trained on basic computers packages and other office tasks. Many of the young people have been trained in the area IT – a total of twelve girls and six boys. Three of the boys are working with us in the ministry. Most have been found employment in cyber shops etc in Webuye and beyond.”

“Our efforts to reach out to more has been limited. The need is greater than our resources currently allow.”

“Some of the girls are so vulnerable in their homes, we (Pastor Steve and Kickan) are having them stay with us in our home. At the moment we have Vivian from Mount Elgon who comes from a home with a drunk and abusive father. She has struggled to get to secondary school as the father wanted her to be married. We are currently staying with her. Pray with us that the Lord may provide to enable her to go to school.”