Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Doc Mani Update

Having spoken to our pastor this morning, we have learned that doctor Mani is making a good recovery. He is still in the general ward and is needing treatment for a small complication as a result of his treatment.

It seems that when they were administering oxygen to patients in the hospital they were not using distilled water and consequently these patients now have a form of black fungus in their lungs. It is not life-threatening and is being treated satisfactorily.

The money that you donated has been paid towards the doctors expenses together with other contributions from his family and friends. His wife has passed on her sincere thanks through Pastor Joshua.

in addition to continued prayer for his recovery, please pray for the children in the Children's Home. They are receiving a regular visit from another doctor who is charging for each visit. It seems that the children are asking for their 'Uncle Doctor' to come back to them!