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Desperate Plight of Covid-19 Indian Children

We received a request from our contact in India concerning the rescue of 20 children who have been orphaned or sold by their parents because of the accursed virus. Some have been orphaned because their parents died and others were sold by their parents to pay hospital bills! This is difficult to understand in the West but this does not change the reality.

Last Sunday, Starfish Christian Trust committed to rescue these children at a cost of about £7500. At that time we did not have one penny towards this,

I am delighted to report that we are today’s sending funds to rescue the first group of 10 children. We did not wait to receive the full sum for which we still have a substantial shortfall.

If you would like to help secure a future for these children then you can donate through our 'Donate Page'

If unable to donate then please pray, not just for these 20 children, but for what must be millions of children across the world affected by this accursed virus.

The attached picture is not of these children but one I thought would illustrate the need.

The PDF file below is a very full report of the situation facing so many in India

PDF: Desperate Plight of Covid-19 Indian Children


Photo: Desperate Plight of Covid-19 Indian Children