Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Rescued Girl's Testimony 2

I am thankful to you Starfish Christian Trust for helping us come out of total darkness in our lives. I am being tortured, raped, booked for nights, even if I go to police station I knew I would get no justice, but Jesus gave me freedom as we only prayed to Jesus our situation.

When I am small I use to get a dream, (In that dream I am a Police Officer). But when I am being purchased by this mob, I then realized, yes, this is a dream. But our Sunday School teacher told the story of Joseph who is also being sold by brothers as a slave, I keep on encouraging the other girls with me saying Jesus will help us.

In the same way God helped us through Starfish, and the Pastor is so good to us in finding us, talking to the mobs, and releasing us from this total darkness and giving us freedom.

Today is our first good meal which we really enjoyed with the Hope Ministries and we also saw the children in the Hope Children’s Home who are so happy to see us and we are told we will be with them for sometime and we would have some fun.

We will be praying for you and thank you for releasing us and although you do not know us, you showed us compassion where our parents have not shown to us.

Footnote: We have the name and a photo of this girl but wish to protect her identity