Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Six Children Rescue Report

As we reported earlier, the rescue of the six children, three boys from bonded labour and three girls from sexual exploitation has been successful. Below are quotations from the rescue report from Pastor Joshua. The PDF link at the bottom contains the full report.

"The girls were suffering great torture from the mobs but we were able to rescue them and this quick appeal gave us enough funds from Starfish Christian Trust to release them and they are now given a good place in the Light Children’s Home and they will have great access to good living conditions." The boys are having smiling faces and they say that they never thought that they would get the better lives. One boy had decided to kill himself, but Jesus saved them and gave them better lives. They truly thank the donors and trustees for their sacrificial offering in saving these children and our focus is always to save the children to win them for Christ.

We also thank Starfish Christian Trust for helping with the medical expenses as well. Light Children's Home have sponsorships for the three girls and they are looking for sponsors for the three boys. The children are so happy to be accommodated in this orphanage and they send their hugs and love to you all.

As always, we at Starfish Christian Trust add our thanks to our loyal band of supporters.

PDF: Six Children Rescue Report


Photo: Six Children Rescue Report