Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

CBO Saves Girl From Suicide

When Starfish Christian Trust seed-funded a new Community Based Organisation (CBO) in Kakamega, Kenya we were not sure which direction it would take. ‘The Community Youths and Widows Stress Management Programme’ was born. We have been happy to see it grow and how those struggling with hopelessness, depression and suicide have been helped.

Today we received a report of a young girl, Dina, just 17 years old who had purchased poison to take her own life. Pastor Julius wrote…

“Yesterday, the CBO rescued a young orphan girl by name Dina. She was just about to commit suicide. After getting the information the CBO rushed to save her life. The girl took examinations and passed very well. She had been selected to join girls high school but when she saw her friends going to school she felt life was meaningless. She knew there was nobody who could take her to school and she went to buy poison to take up her life. She did not take it and we are still talking to her and praying that God who makes a way where there is no way may answer our prayers. She is now staying with my family.”

Pray with us that Dina will firstly find salvation and that a way is found for her to continue her education.