Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Released From Forced Marriage

Although Starfish Christian Trust can take no credit for this release, it was with interest that we read about this case.

Longer term supporters of the trust will remember the wonderful work we did with Pastor Moses in the release of several thousand Christian slaves from the brick kilns of Pakistan. Sadly, because of an Islamic fatwa (effectively a sentence of death issued by an imam) he had to flee and is living with his family as a refugee in Europe.

When we received a copy of the report in the Catholic Herald about the release of 12 year old Farah Shaheen from a forced marriage from a 46 year old Muslim man who had seriously abused her we were delighted to see that Pastor Moses had been a chief instigator in obtaining her release. The report uses the correct name for the pastor, namely Bishop Iftikhar.

We saw a video of the release of young Farah which showed her being taken initially to the New Covenant School in Faisalabad which Starfish Christian Trust had assisted in building.

PDF: Released From Forced Marriage