Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Struggles in Burundi (18/07)

The report from our brother in Burundi highlights their continuing struggle in this, one of the poorest nations in the world.

… About our country - - - With the new president, there will be a high development in economy but Burundians will suffer from taxes.

…About security. - - - There are some enemies who are hijacking cars and many passengers are losing their lives. It is very sad. It seems that there are many enemies of peace in the country. Please pray for us,

… About Covid-19. - - - The pandemic sickness, is spreading all over the country but it doesn't take away many lives.

… About survival - - - We are suffering very much from financial crisis because there are no dollars available. Prices are increasing at a high level and everything is taxed People are suffering from hunger.

… About weather conditions. - - - We are in a dry season. There is a lot of dust and because of this, many people are suffering from coughing, headache, malaria.

I think they need our prayer