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Motorbike Commissioned in Philippines

Several weeks ago we heard from Pastor Eunice in the Philippines that her team had been attacked by Muslim separatists as they were climbing the mountain to reach the tribal areas with food supplies and ministry. They were robbed completely, including their cell phones and computer. At the time, Starfish was happy to replace the stolen items .

following a discussion by the trustees it was decided that, although we did not have the needed funds at that time, we would supply them with a motorbike and sidecar to enable the team to travel swiftly and safely to the tribal areas.

it was not long before we were able to send sufficient funds to enable such a purchase. We heard last week that the motorbike and passenger sidecar (itself able to house four extra passengers) was ready for commissioning. It is a fine looking combination and is in its self a testimony to the love of Jesus as the graphics in the photo below illustrate.

Once again our faithful supporters and our equally faithful Lord has provided another need. I am not sure when we coined the Starfish Principle that we had the expression 'one motorbike at a time' in mind! We must learn to never limit our Living God.


Photo: Motorbike Commissioned in Philippines