Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

... But it Pours (19/05)

When I was at school one of the favourite essay subjects was 'It Never Rains but it Pours' I could certainly write a good essay using the Philippines as a fine example.

We seem to have had reason to report the trials and difficulties that are facing our dear sister Pastor Eunice in the Philippines. Having risked the dangers of Covid-19 to bring aid to many, including the tribal areas in the mountains and having been attacked and robbed by Muslim separatists, they are now facing evacuation because of an impending typhoon. In spite of this she continues to express the joy of the Lord. She writes,

"God is the source of everything, everything came from him and belongs to him.... He deserves all the praise and thanksgiving... I will praise him in this storm of life where testing and trials come to our lives. I know he is with us always."

"We are asking for your prayer, we are in danger from Class 1 typhoon and thunderstorm."

"We are in our home and preparing for evacuation. Please keep us in your prayer for protection."