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Muslim Persecution in Philippines (26/2)

Sadly, we report the work of one of our co-workers being attacked by Muslim extremists. Pastor Eunice was leading a team up the mountain to the tribal area when they were stopped, robbed and threatened by Muslim terrorists. In writing, Pastor Eunice says…

"When God works, our enemy satan is trying to hinder our work. Yesterday everything is in a good situation and suddenly we heard some noise ahead of us as we travel. Thank God we are safe. The Muslim rebels are moving and taking their actions to stop us to climb the mountain. They stole all our stuff and all the goods we were taking to our brethren. We got home safely and were shaking in fear. Thank God although all our stuff is taken we are miraculously alive."

"I cant write to you regularly now because all my stuff including my cell phone and my computer were stolen."

Muslim attacks on Mindanao Island are not uncommon. On one of my visits I had a guard of several marines watching my back.

Starfish Christian Trust were pleased to send £500 immediately to replace the lost equipment through which Pastor Eunice communicates, not just with us but with her own teams. I know that any balance that she has will most certainly go into the work of evangelism.