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Is a Motorbike Charitable? (13 05)

Last month we reported how we had replaced electronic equipment following an attack by Muslim separatists in Mindanao, Philippines. In spite of this, Pastor Eunice and her team continue to climb the mountain to minister to the mountain tribes. She recently wrote...

"It's the 3rd day of lock down and we never expected that on the 3rd day it could became worse than before. But as I wrote to you, this virus can't stop us to continue the work."

"There is available transportation to go up the mountain but thanks be to God, somebody offered his ride for free so that we can deliver the goods safely and return before dark. Because it is not safe for us to be in the road when its dark."

"We depend on God in times like this. This is our work and this is our task no matter how crucial it is and hard, we know that God is with us all the way. We are praying that God will continue to protect us and keep us safe always. I know in times of nothing he will give us everything. The God I know is faithful and true and He is my God. I just want to testify the goodness and greatness of God in our ministry. You are part of this ministry. Glory to God in the highest."

Starfish Christian Trust has committed to buy a motorbike (with passenger car) to enable the team to travel with greater safety,


Photo: Is a Motorbike Charitable? (13 05)