Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Overcoming Persecution in Philippines

Following the report of the Muslim attack and theft by Muslim separatists we were happy to provide funds to replace needed items for the work in Mindanao, Philippines. Pastor Eunice wrote

"Thanks for the great help you gave to us. I was able to replace the mobile phone that was stolen by the Muslim separatists. We can now visit our brethren in the mountain again, being escorted by some of the soldiers who are members of our small group bible study evangelism. With the rest of the money we were able to buy fuel and food for our travel and we bought some medical supplies such as surgical mask, alcohol (medicinal) and food for the mountain people. Godís ways are greater than the ours. Thank God for the amazing and great miracles He does. Without God we can do nothing. Glory to his name always."

"Bless you always with so much blessing for being an instrument of blessing. Thank for being a blessing Starfish Christian Trust. You helped a lot of Christians and bring their trust in our true creator through you.😊 God is good."

Starfish Christian Trust trustees are looking at the viability of providing a small motorbike for this mountain work.


Photo: Overcoming Persecution in Philippines