Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Faith and Football

When Starfish Christian Trust seed-funded a new Community Based Organisation (CBO) in Kenya we were not sure which direction it would take. ‘The Community Youths and Widows Stress Management Programme’ was born. We have been happy to see it grow and how those struggling with hopelessness, depression and suicide have been helped.

We were surprised when the Mwalimu Football Club was formed but we continue to learn how the Lord continues to use everything to bring people to Himself. The team has been formed from youths in Kakamega who could see for themselves no hope for the future. The football team has given them a new hope as they build self worth and self confidence in being part of a team.

Pastor Julius writes, "The Mwalimu football team it's doing well and it works as a vessel of the Lord that brings the youth to the Kingdom. Last week we have been visiting the team's homes. There are several team members who have found hope in Jesus."

"It is encouraging to see even those who were drinking alcohol before joining Mwalimu Football Club calling themselves 'seed of the Gospel' and encouraging new coverts to be soul winners as they play football together"

God is always full of surprises