Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Our Doctor in India Has Covid. (03/05)

Most of you will know the Starfish Principle upon which we work. We cannot change the whole world but we can change one life, one family or one community at a time. This is so evident with the situation in India.

Having spoken to Pastor Joshua and also having heard from another dear Pastor, we can confirm that the media reports concerning India are not exaggerated. Pastor Joshua confirmed to me this morning that 13 of his pastors have died from Covid 19.

We wish to apply the Starfish Principle to our doctor friend in India who has helped Pastor Joshua and Hope Ministries so willingly. If you have seen our earlier emails you will know that Doctor Mani has given his services free of charge in treating the inevitable illnesses of the children that we rescued from slavery. The only charge he makes is to pass on the unavoidable medical costs. He has always given his time freely for this purpose and similarly visits the Hope Children's Home that we support on a weekly basis.

Sadly, he has now contracted the Covid-19 virus and is currently in intensive care. His breathing is a severe problem and he is currently on a ventilator. He is being treated with Remedisver injections (If you understand this, his saturation levels are 55 which need to rise to 95) Although he is a doctor, his family are still facing medical expenses which, for the extent of his complete treatment, are estimated to be somewhere in the region of £2000. Applying the Starfish Principle, we cannot solve the pandemic in India, but we can help to change the life of the doctor and his family.

We are, therefore putting out a special appeal to raise funds to pay for Doctor Maniís treatment.