Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Kakamega CBO Thriving

We were pleased to seed fund this organisation as we knew Bishop Julius very well and knew he would build well. He has recently sent good reports and I quote from them below...

"It is encouraging because most of the CBO members are now working and able to put food on the table for their families. They have become true witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and most of them have realized the deep Love of God for them through Jesus Christ. They are walking in truth sharing the love of God and becoming children of light. They are learning to recover the lost image of God. It makes me feel much more and more encouraged in my heart."

Of the football team, started to encourage youngsters with no hope, he wrote, "Mwalimu Football Club is God given and anything that God has put his hand on nothing can stop it from growing. Although Mwalimu Football Club is still very young , God has His plan to bring many youth to the Lord through football."

One of the members died and we have helped the children to go to school. Following this he wrote, "We brought in a new member who had made prison like his home! He has been a thief from his childhood but when he accepted Christ as Lord we thought to include him to replace the mama who went to be with the Lord,"