Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Rescued Boy Shares His Story

I am Abishek and was sold by my uncle who is not a good person and when I am taken by my uncle to his home I thought my uncle has a good heart in taking me in after my parents died.

But my aunty asked me to work in their home and I was beaten many times. One day they told I have to go to another home where they would give me everything. I thought I am saved from my bad uncle home, but I still went to a bad situation and no body was there to hear my cry except Jesus.

I use to go Sunday school and I heard very nice stories about Jesus. Jesus loves children so much and I asked Him to help me and save my life from these situations. Jesus heard my cry and I am being saved and I am being given a free and a good life. I will never forget the help of the Pastor Joshua and the help from UK. I had not even heard about this country name, but Jesus sent a 'dad' to me. I hope he will come to India one day so I can give him a good hug as he cared for me after my dadís death.

FOOTNOTE: His name has been changed to protect him.